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926: 6 Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio While Working 9-5

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You want to grow your real estate side hustle, but your W2 is taking up too much of your time. How do you invest in real estate when you’re stuck at the office or behind a desk from nine to five? We’re about to give you expert tips on growing a real estate portfolio or real estate business no matter your W2 because if David Greene and Rob Abasolo can do it, so can you! 

Whether you want to build a rental property portfolio, flipping or wholesaling business, real estate agent side income, or something else, it can be a struggle managing your real side hustle while working your full-time job. And, if you eventually want to quit your job and become a full-time real estate investor, you’ll need your real estate to produce as much or more than your current job, but how do you make that type of income with only nights and weekends free?

These six tips will help you create a bigger, better, more scalable real estate side hustle, helping you do more with less time WITHOUT burning out. From setting a side hustle schedule to automating everything you DON’T need to be doing, avoiding feeling overworked, and using your free time to speed up your timeline to financial freedom, these tips are CRUCIAL if you ever want to build wealth through real estate. So, if you’re struggling to balance your job with creating a real estate business/portfolio, implement these tips TODAY!

In This Episode We Cover

Why you need to START telling your boss (and yourself) “no” more often 

How to automate and delegate to free up time in your day so you can do what matters most

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) that will change the way you do anything and everything 

Tips to avoid burnout when working a job AND for yourself and what David did to reverse his real estate paralysis 

Why you should NOT quit your job until you’ve reached THIS stage of investing 

And So Much More!

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