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924: Raising Private Money 101: Beginner Steps to Raise Your First $1,000,000

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Want to explode your real estate portfolio? Then you MUST know about raising private money. When done correctly, private money (also called private capital) can help you and your investors reach financial freedom faster instead of wasting months or years between deals as you wait for your savings to grow. The best part? It’s not just the big players that are raising private capital. Small-time investors doing five or ten-unit deals can still massively benefit from private money, and we’re about to show you how to get it!

When talking about private capital, there’s arguably no one who knows the subject better than Matt Faircloth. Matt literally wrote the book Raising Private Capital and has used the same strategies in it to raise millions of dollars for his own investing business, The DeRosa Group. Matt’s partner, Hervé Francois, also joins us today to go over the beginner steps of raising private capital. These two capital-raising experts will show you exactly how to raise your first $1,000,000 in three simple steps and give you a pitch example you can use to raise private capital from ANYONE in your network!

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In This Episode We Cover

How to raise private capital and get your first $1,000,000 in private money

Scaling your real estate portfolio FASTER by leveraging private capital 

The BIGGEST mistake beginners make when trying to raise private capital

The three beginner steps you can take to start raising private capital for your next deal

A private money pitch example you can use to start building your network

The best real estate investing tool that every capital raiser should have 

And So Much More!

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