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921: How to Get More Airbnb Bookings This Spring and Summer Break

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Wondering how to get more bookings on Airbnb as spring break and summer vacation inch closer? With some expert tips, you’ll be able to bring in more revenue and higher reviews during these peak travel times. From listing optimizations to algorithm-beating description tweaks and amenities that’ll make your short-term rental stand out, using any of these expert tips can help your single short-term rental or short-term rental portfolio see more bookings flow in!

We’ve already got a short-term rental expert on the show, Rob Abasolo. But one isn’t enough. Avery Carl is back to give her time-tested tips on boosting your Airbnb bookings during the spring break and summer vacation seasons. These two full-time vacation rental investors get into how to make more money with last-minute bookings, why you MUST change your pictures before it’s too late, the description tweaks that can lead to a full calendar, and the “low-hanging fruit” amenities that guests LOVE to see! 

Plus, since it’s spring break, these experts give their best tips on how to avoid parties at your property and stop your short-term rental from becoming a spring break rager! 

In This Episode We Cover

Why you need to start preparing your short-term rental for spring and summer break NOW

When to start raising rates on last-minute guests (HUGE revenue boost)

What you MUST include in your listing before it’s spring/summer break

Amenities that any host can add to their home to bring in more bookings 

Why seasonal photos make a huge difference to guests when browsing properties 

How to avoid parties at your property and guest red flags to watch out for 

Airbnb’s indoor camera ban and what to do if you have security cameras on your property 

And So Much More!

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