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918: Creating Their Own Demand By Ditching the “Cookie-Cutter Flips” w/George and Heather Bassett

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and flooring in almost every new flip. While it makes sense for many high-volume flippers to use the same “cookie cutter” recipe repeatedly, it may not get you the highest price on your house flip. If you want to start a bidding war on your next investment property, you’ll need to think outside the box, like George and Heather Bassett have.

George and Heather aren’t your everyday house flippers. To start, they filmed this entire interview from inside a church-turned-luxury house flip. George and Heather want to make each home they flip stand out and feel unique to every prospective buyer who walks through it, and their recipe for success sure seems to be working. On a recent flip, they had over fifty showings in one weekend alone. So, what house-flipping tips do they have that could help YOU sell for more?

From unique finishes to thinking of livability first, asking the house what IT wants, and staging the not-so-basic way, George and Heather deliver an absolute masterclass on how to turn your next fix and flip into a show-stopping, bidding-war-starting, beautiful property that could give you tens of thousands more in profit than what the everyday flipper is getting. 

In This Episode We Cover:

Why “cookie cutter” flips AREN’T what buyers want in 2024 

Inexpensive, “unique” additions that’ll make your fix and flip sell for more

Asking the house what IT wants and keeping the character of historic homes 

How to use “bold” renovations to start a bidding war on your next house flip 

Financing your next fix and flip with hard money, private money, and…credit cards?

The ONE thing that’ll help your home sell for TOP dollar (which most people skip)

And So Much More!

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