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875: BiggerNews: Top “Snowbird” Rental Markets with Year-Round Cash Flow w/Kristen Taylor

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Snowbird season is coming to THESE real estate markets. Every winter, millions of freezing northerners go south, seeking a temporary escape from the cold and to dethaw themselves before returning in spring. And while you may think that most of these destinations are expensive cities, like Miami, there are some cheaper areas that make not only perfect snowbird rental markets, but profitable year-round short-term rental markets as well.

On this BiggerNews, Vacasa’s Kristen Taylor joins us to give her take on the markets with the most demand and the once-popular markets starting to see declines, including a top-rated tourist destination you wouldn’t expect. Kristen shares updated numbers on how long snowbird season lasts, how the typical snowbird is changing, and why snowbird markets can be MUCH more affordable than year-round vacation destinations.

And if you’ve got equity in one of YOUR properties that you’d like to turn into snowbird rental property, stick around until the end. This episode’s Seeing Greene segment will answer the age-old question: what do I do with all my home equity?

In This Episode We Cover:

Snowbird season explained, how long it lasts, and who’s flying south

The top snowbird markets in America (and why some are MUCH cheaper than you’d expect)

Snowbird markets to stay away from that are seeing declining vacation populations 

Combining medium-term and short-term stays to make money the entire YEAR (unlike many short-term rentals

What to do with a property with a LOT of home equity: sell, get a HELOC, refinance, or keep it?

And So Much More!

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8 best Florida snowbird destinations

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