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7 Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend Overthinking & Make Better Decisions Quicker

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How do you know when you’re overthinking too much?

How can you break the cycle of overthinking?

Today, Jay will talk about the complexity of overthinking and how we can turn it around and look at things differently. Jay presents seven practical strategies to help listeners combat the grip of overthinking. These range from the psychological—to limit how many people’s opinions we seek, preventing the confusion and indecision that too many perspectives can cause—to the physical, recommending activities that disengage the analytical brain and encourage mental reset, like exercise or simply moving around.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How to use over thinking for problem-solving

How to manage alarmed responses

How to use physical movement for mental clarity

How to focus on positives and small wins

Don’t let overthinking hold you back! Start implementing these strategies today and take control of your mental space.

With Love and Gratitude,

Jay Shetty

What We Discuss:

00:00 Intro

00:52 Has Overthinking Slowed You Down?

07:53 The Science Behind Overthinking

10:50 #1: Overthinking as a Problem-Solving Approach

14:24 #2: Don’t Ask Too Many People For Their Opinion

18:19 #3: Avoid Responding While You’re Feeling Alarmed

19:17 #4: Move Your Body When Your Mind Is Stuck

20:32 #5: Focus on the Good Thing and Small Wins

22:05 #6: Spontaneous Drawings Relieve Psychological Stress

24:23 #7: Go Back to Analog

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