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6 Minutes of Business Tips & Life Advice

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Podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk

Going live on Twitch is something I’ve been doing more often and I’ve really been enjoying it. It gives me a great opportunity to answer some of your questions in real-time! Today’s podcast episode is a segment from a recent Twitch livestream where I answer some viewer questions. I touch on how I’ve been personally trying to innovate in live and How I audit my social media content. I share how I learned to communicate and tell you what it takes to take your communication skills to the next level. I even give some advice on people looking to move to a new city for the first time! This is a fun episode that I think has something for everyone. I hope you enjoy it!QUESTIONS ASKED!-How do I innovate on live?-Does TT feel like old YT?-How do you audit your posts on social?-How to learn how to properly communicate?-Advice for someone moving to NY for the first time?MV

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