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406: Inside Our FIRST Commercial Real Estate Deal (A 13-Unit Hotel!) w/Tony & Sara Robinson

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What goes into a commercial real estate deal? You’re about to find out! Fortunately, buying one of these properties isn’t quite the jump from residential real estate as you might expect it to be. Whether you’re a new investor or own several rentals, YOU, too, can buy a commercial property!

Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! A few months back, we chatted with Tony about his new thirteen-unit hotel in Utah. Since then, the hotel has officially launched, and today, we’re joined by not only Tony but also his wife, Sara, to discuss the ins and outs of this enormous project. With months of planning, rehabbing, and problem-solving in the rearview, they break down the deal from start to finish—sharing some of their biggest successes, as well as some important lessons learned.

If you’re interested in commercial real estate investing, you don’t want to miss this episode! You’ll learn how to create a budget for a large renovation project, choose a model for paying contractors, get better reviews for your short-term rental, and form a seamless partnership with your spouse!

In This Episode We Cover

How the Robinsons planned, rehabbed, and launched a thirteen-unit hotel

Implementing self-check-in convenience on a commercial property

How to create a watertight budget for a large renovation project

Effective strategies for managing and paying your contractors

How to divvy up responsibilities when investing with your spouse

How to get MORE bookings (and keep your property occupied year-round!)

And So Much More!

(00:00) Intro

(02:43) Managing & Paying Contractors

(09:43) Numbers on the Hotel

(15:37) HUGE Lessons Learned

(18:49) Self-Check-In Challenges

(25:11) Building a Team & Getting Reviews

(28:41) Working with Your Spouse

(35:17) Connect with the Robinsons!

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