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4 Stocks: Uranium, Lithium, Gold, Copper | CEO BBQ

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4 Stocks: Uranium, Lithium, Gold, Copper | CEO BBQ

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

In this week’s CEO BBQ, I talked to 4 companies.

More specifically, in this video you will find a;

1.⁠ Champion Electric Metals CEO interview with Jonathan Buick (CSE: LTHM) – lithium-cobalt stock with exposure to Canada and the US.

Champion Electric Metals’ website:

2.⁠ ⁠Inflection Resources CEO interview with Alistair Waddell (CSE: AUCU) – gold-copper stock with exposure to Australia.

Inflection Resources’ website:


3.⁠ ⁠Regulus Resources CEO interview with John Black (TSX-V: REG) – copper-gold stock with exposure to Peru.

Regulus Resources’ website:

4.⁠ ⁠Bannerman Energy Interview with Executive Chairman Brandon Munro (ASX: BMN) – uranium stock with exposure to Namibia.

Bannerman Energy’s website:


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The host is not a licensed investment advisor. He is just another talking head on the internet. He might own shares of companies mentioned in this publication. Always assume he doesn’t know much more than a potato does. Although none of the companies included in this episode have paid for the production of the video, still consider everyone herein biased.

The mining & exploration space is among the riskiest sectors to invest in. The risk of anything mentioned in this publication is 100% loss of capital. If you don’t read the official documents provided by the company on, you will lose all of your money.

00:00 important warning
01:53 Champion Electric Metals Interview (CSE: LTHM)
01:01:21 Inflection Resources Interview (CSE: AUCU)
01:51:02 Regulus Resources Interview (TSX-V: REG)
02:45:53 Bannerman Energy Interview (ASX: BMN)

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