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393: $120K/Year from ONE “Sensory” Rental Property with a “Secret” Amenity w/Chase Charifa

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If you want your rental property to succeed, you’ve got to give people a reason to keep coming back. That’s exactly what today’s guest is doing—creating a one-of-one experience that people can’t get anywhere else. It’s what keeps his property booked year-round!


Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! Just three years ago, Chase Charifa bought his first rental property—a black, mid-century cabin tucked away in Big Bear, California. By engaging each of the guest’s five senses and adding intrigue with a “secret” amenity, Chase and his wife, April, have created an unforgettable guest experience that allows them to stand out in their market. As a result, this short-term rental brings in about $120,000 per year!


But that’s not all. Since launching his Airbnb, Chase has taken on another four rentals, three new construction projects, and a parcel of land. How has Chase been able to scale his portfolio in only a few years? In this episode, he shares how he was able to fund several deals using creative financing and smart tax strategies. He also talks about the huge opportunity that exists with real estate development. You’ll learn how to find land, get approved for a construction loan, and build your own development team!

In This Episode We Cover

How Chase brings in $120,000 per year from ONE rental property

The best way to get FREE real estate marketing for your short-term rental

How to create an unforgettable experience for your Airbnb guests

Scaling your portfolio with creative financing and tax strategies

How to incorporate a creative skill set into your real estate business

Getting started in real estate development and building your team

How to get approved for a construction loan (in three steps!)

And So Much More!

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