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391: The Low-Cost Way to “Invest” in Real Estate in 2024 (Without Buying Rentals) w/Veronica Garreton

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A thriving real estate business without rental properties?! It might sound like an easy way to “invest,” but make no mistake—you’re going to need to sharpen your management, interior design, and problem-solving skills for it to work. Fortunately, today’s guest can bring you up to speed on this low-cost strategy!


Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! In this episode, Veronica Garreton returns to the show to offer more nuggets of wisdom for new investors. In our most recent episode with Veronica, she shared how she pocketed $150,000 in profit from just ONE luxury rental property. But today, she is going to take a deep dive into the investing strategy that allows her to grow her real estate business without buying more properties—co-hosting!


Of course, co-hosting, like any other strategy, is susceptible to the occasional horror story. Tune in as Veronica shares how ONE troublesome guest caused $11,000 in rental damage and how her decisiveness helped her save the day. What is co-hosting and how does it differ from property management? Why are medium-term rentals taking over short-term rentals in certain markets? How do you prevent bad reviews on Airbnb? Stick around for all of the answers!

In This Episode We Cover

How Veronica grows her real estate business without buying more properties

The co-hosting strategy and how it differs from property management

How to earn five-star Airbnb reviews by working at the “speed of luxury”

Why investors are moving from short-term rentals to medium-term rentals

Why you NEED an exit strategy when investing in a major metro market

The “emergency” clause you MUST include in your co-hosting agreements

How to furnish your short-term rental (tips from a professional interior designer!)

And So Much More!

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