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380: Rookie Reply: How to Start Investing, Walking Away from Deals, & Co-hosting

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You want to start real estate investing, but where should you start? Should you buy a course, join a mastermind, or do your own research? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but we can point you in the direction that aligns with your investing goals!

Welcome back to another Rookie Reply! In this episode, we’re going to start at square one of your real estate journey. We also get into investing partnerships and how to work “sweat equity” into your partnership agreements. Have you ever come across a property with red flags? Learn when to walk away from a deal and when to double down instead. Finally, stick around until the end as we bring repeat guest Nicole Rutherford on to talk about starting a co-hosting business, vetting co-hosts, and finding a short-term rental market!

If you want Ashley and Tony to answer a real estate question, you can submit a question here, post in the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group, or call us at the Rookie Request Line (1-888-5-ROOKIE).

In This Episode We Cover:

How and where to begin your real estate investing journey

When to walk away from a deal (and when to double down!)

How to structure a real estate partnership (and account for “sweat equity”)

Finding the right co-host to help manage your rental property

Expert tips for finding a new short-term rental market

And So Much More!

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