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356: 3 Steps to Start Investing in Real Estate + 2024 Mortgage Rate Predictions

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Podcast by BiggerPockets

If you want to know how to start investing in real estate, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to detail the three often-overlooked beginner steps that’ll allow you to build a real estate portfolio, reach financial freedom, and have more time and money than ever before. And no, these steps are NOT the usual “look up properties online, talk to an agent, get pre-approved” advice. Instead, we’re giving you the time-tested expert guidance that leads you to REAL wealth, not just a handful of headache properties.

So, who has the foolproof plan for real estate success? Dave Meyer, BiggerPockets VP of Data and Analytics, host of the On the Market podcast, and author of Start with Strategy. In today’s episode, Dave outlines exactly how he built a life he loves, living abroad with free time to travel, making more than enough to support his adventurous lifestyle, all while spending less than an hour a day on his real estate portfolio. If you’re ready to buy your first or next rental, experience lasting financial freedom, and hear Dave’s 2024 mortgage rate predictions, stick around!

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In This Episode We Cover

The three beginner steps to start investing in real estate in 2024 

Creating your “vision” of what you want financial freedom to look like for you

Why you should NOT quit your job (yet) to go full-time in real estate 

The fastest way to boost your income or get a substantial raise at work 

Dave’s 2024 mortgage rate predictions and how low rates could go this year 

And So Much More!

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