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354: How to Unlock Off-Market Real Estate Deals with This “Personalized Pitch” w/Brett Long

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Off-market real estate deals allow you to avoid the multiple listings service (MLS) and find RARE properties often at a sizable discount, but many rookie investors are hesitant to send mail or pick up the phone. If that sounds like YOU, we have the tips, tools, and templates to make your life easier!

Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! Today’s special guest is Brett Long, a rookie investor who managed to build a valuable portfolio in just three years. At a time when all of his friends and family members told him to avoid real estate investing, Brett went all-in—flipping houses for a HUGE profit. Little did he know that the money he would bring in from this strategy would help him fund buy and hold properties as well.

In this episode, Brett talks about his experience driving for dollars, as well as the “personalized pitch” he included in his direct mail campaigns to generate a TON of interest from sellers. Of course, once the calls started coming in, he still had some convincing to do. Brett provides the template for these productive phone conversations and shares how he was able to turn hesitant homeowners into willing sellers!

In This Episode We Cover:

Finding a TON of off-market properties by driving for dollars

Building the PERFECT buy box for your investing needs

How to beat the competition by investing in “the path of progress”

Using the profits from house flips to fund buy and hold rental properties

How to craft a high-converting mailer to send to sellers

Essential tips and tricks for talking to sellers over the phone

Why NOW is the best time to start flipping houses

And So Much More!

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