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328: David Greene on The 3 “Pillars” of Wealth That Lead to Financial Freedom

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If you dream of becoming a successful real estate investor, there are three “pillars” of wealth you must build in your own life. What are these keys to financial freedom? Well, fortunately, today’s guest has written an entire book about them!

Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! Today, we’re speaking with none other than David Greene—host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast and author of SIX top real estate investing books—the latest of which is titled Pillars of Wealth. Far too often, rookie investors dive into the world of real estate without having mastered the three areas they need to succeedmaking, saving, and investing their money. Then, they are gutted when real estate doesn’t work out for them. The truth is that the money habits you build today will follow you throughout life. Work hard, foster a healthy money mindset, and master one challenge before advancing to the next. This is the real path to financial freedom.

In this episode, David shares his own experiences with money—including how he was able to steadily increase his income over time, save over $100K while in college, and find success as a real estate investor. You’ll learn about the true cost of financial freedom, how to play offense AND defense with your money, and why you MUST work the long game with real estate—prioritizing delayed gratification over immediate cash flow!

In This Episode We Cover:

Succeeding in real estate by building the three “pillars of wealth

How to increase your income so that you can invest in real estate

Why you NEED to measure and track your net worth, cash flow, and quality of life

Building wealth by playing offense AND defense with your money

Achieving financial freedom by choosing delayed gratification over quick cash flow

And So Much More!

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