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288: Dave Ramsey Personality George Kamel on Breaking Free From Broke

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288: Dave Ramsey Personality George Kamel on Breaking Free From Broke

Video by Invest Like a Boss Podcast via YouTube

George Kamel is the 3rd Dave Ramsey Personality (links to previous below) to join Invest Like a Boss and he has a new book out titled Breaking Free from Broke: The Ultimate Guide to More Money and Less Stress. This interview was recording in November 2023 and was held until the book came out (this week!). George goes over basic debt avoidance principals and all the money traps designed to keep people broke and how to avoid them. Soon after the interview, there was controversy about a video George made about the 4% rule that went against a Ramsey principal… Johnny and Derek address that in the outro.

About George Kamel:
George Kamel is a Ramsey Personality and personal finance expert. Following Ramsey’s proven money plan, George went from negative net worth to a millionaire in under 10 years. Since 2013, he has served on the Ramsey team, speaking across the country, co-hosting top-ranked Ramsey Network podcasts, like Smart Money Happy Hour and The Ramsey Show. On his YouTube channel, George educates and entertains, exposing the financial system designed to keep you broke. His goal is to help people spend less, save more, and avoid money traps so they can live a life with more margin, options and freedom.

00:20 – Derek/Johnny Intro
05:40 – George Kamel Interview Begins
20:50 – Why Credit Cards are Bad
42:45 – Outro/Viral Moment of Dave Ramsey Getting Mad at George Kamel

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