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209: The On the Market Awards: These Markets and Strategies Will WIN in 2024!

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Welcome to the first-ever On the Market Housing Market Awards! This year, we’re giving out awards for the best housing market in the country, best beginner real estate investing strategy, best experienced investor strategy, and most negative impact on real estate.

But we’re not just giving out the awards; we’re also getting one, as On the Market has recently been named a 2024 Webby Honoree for business podcasting! With over 13,000 podcast applicants, we made it to the top ten!

We’re honored to have been honored, but it’s even more of an honor to share our On the Market housing market picks with you in today’s episode! First, we’re pitting the country against itself to see which region has been giving the biggest win to investors. Then, we’re going over the beginner investor strategy that anyone can use to start building wealth in 2024 (it’s almost a cheat code!). For experienced investors, we share the best strategy that you can use to sit back and collect passive cash flow. Finally, we give our award for the most negative impact on the housing market; who will win: high interest rates, low inventory, inflation, or the “YouTube crash bros”?

Thank you again to the Webby judges for choosing On the Market as one of the best business podcasts in the world! And thank you, our listeners, for tuning in and loving On the Market—we wouldn’t be here without you!

In This Episode We Cover:

The newest podcasting award for the entire On the Market team

The best housing market in the country to invest in (and whether or not it’ll last)

One investing strategy that ANY real estate beginner can use to start building wealth 

How to make truly passive income with this experienced real estate investing strategy

Why you CAN’T trust the “YouTube crash bros” who keep telling you housing is about to tank

Whether or not Dave is wearing sweatpants under his suit while recording this episode

And So Much More!

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