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208: New Policies Take Aim At Boosting Affordable Housing, Investors Could Benefit w/Dennis Shea

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America is in an affordable housing crisis. With home prices rising dramatically over the past four years and rents following right along, tens of millions of Americans are spending a significant chunk of their income just to put a roof over their heads. This means less money in Americans’ pockets for education, nutritious foods, investments, or an emergency fund. But, new government policies could help lessen the budgeting blow Americans are feeling from unaffordable housing costs, and investors may be able to help while turning a profit.

Dennis Shea, Executive Director of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Center for Housing Policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, has been fighting for affordable housing long before the recent ramp-up in housing costs. Today, we ask Dennis what caused our unaffordable housing market, why it got even worse after the pandemic, the impacts high home prices have on the economy, and the potential solutions every investor should know about.

We even ask the uncomfortable question: Are investors to blame for the state of housing prices? But worry not—Dennis shares numerous ways investors can actually help low-income households and their communities while turning a profit with affordable housing development. If you’re looking to invest while building an even better housing market, this is the episode for you!

In This Episode We Cover:

Why America is experiencing such a shortage of affordable housing units in 2024

The “root of the housing crisis” that MUST be solved for our housing market to stabilize

Why housing became even more unaffordable after the pandemic

One potential solution that could be a massive win-win for real estate investors and tenants

The affordable housing tax credit that could see a fifty-percent boost is passed

What investors can do to help build affordable housing WHILE turning a profit

And So Much More!

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