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$15,000 Gold, $125 Uranium, $0 Lithium | Adam Rozencwajg Interview

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Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

In this interview with Adam Rozencwajg from, we discussed his perspectives on lithium and other battery metals, emerging markets, uranium, and gold holdings.

Adam provided insights into investment strategies and the potential of commodities, especially uranium and copper. He addressed challenges and misconceptions surrounding electric vehicles and shared his views on energy demand.

Additionally, Adam shared his thoughts on the US dollar’s status as a reserve currency, the undervaluation of gold, and historical instances of monetary regime changes.

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00:00 recap
01:50 what’s inside the portfolio of Adam?
08:05 how much is his portfolio worth?
09:57 does Adam invest in the battery metals sector?
14:40 what’s his perspective on copper demand?
25:25 is there a way to take emerging markets into account?
32:55 what is Adam’s take on energy demand?
38:37 does he invest in both thermal and met coal?
44:49 what is Adam’s approach to investing in uranium?
50:53 how does Adam exit his position in uranium?
56:35 how to make top-down investing decisions?
01:01:06 when will there be a monetary regime change?
01:09:28 where will gold equities go?
01:16:01 contact details

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