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$150 Uranium, $4 Copper, $90 Oil, No Recession | Tom Luongo Shocks the World Again

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0 Uranium,  Copper,  Oil, No Recession | Tom Luongo Shocks the World Again

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube
0 Uranium,  Copper,  Oil, No Recession | Tom Luongo Shocks the World Again

This is an interview with Tom Luongo, geopolitical expert, market enthusiast, newsletter writer, anarcho-capitalist, and so much more.

"The situation in uranium is crazy. The situation in silver is getting crazy. The situation in general is kind of nuts".

When asked about his most "non-normie" predictions for 2024, Tom Luongo told me that; "inflation is going to continue to run hot, oil is going to break above $80 a barrel, and – by May – we’ll see the FED raise interest rates by a quarter point".

Furthermore, Tom talked to me about his expectations and predictions for 2024, which include; no recession, higher oil prices, and higher uranium prices.

Mr. Luongo thinks that the price of copper is a key signal for the economy. "Dr. Copper" breaking above $4 is a clear signal for higher inflation, and higher commodity prices, according to Tom.

Tom also told me that he is bullish on Japan, and that "the Nikkei is going to 50,000", whether we like it or not.

More specifically, Tom Luongo’s 10 predictions for 2024 are:

1. The Democrats Will Try to Burn the Country Down to Win the Election
2. It’s False False False False False Flag World
3. Neither Trump Nor Biden Will be President in 2025
4. Inflation, Interrupted
5. Is It Really a Pivot after More than Two Years?
6. Political Upheaval in the Heart of Globalism
7. Japan will Strengthen the Yen, Nikkei Will Soar
8. Soft Secession in the US and Canada
9. Removing the Putinator?
10. No Recession in 2024

With that, Tom told me that it’s generally hard for him to answer questions like these because "we (the USA) might not even be a country in 5 years".

For a different view on #uranium, #copper, #oil, listen to what Michael Green has to say:

00:00 recap
01:00 why are the markets so weird right now?
05:45 is Powell going to actually cut rates soon?
11:30 is the dot plot even real life?
18:30 can the FED do QE & hike rates at the same time?
25:25 is the currency war still going on?
31:30 is the EUR dying or is the USD thriving?
37:10 why can’t we have a recession in 2024?
40:30 where will the helicopter money go?
42:50 is inflation going away or just starting?
45:50 what happens to commodities in this macro environment?
58:30 are the Red Sea issues going to spill over into inflation?
01:05:10 what kind of cars does Tom like?
01:08:55 what commodities does Tom like?
01:13:45 could the US govt confiscate physical uranium funds?
01:21:15 could uranium go much above $150?
01:24:55 do commodity prices depend on politics more than anything else?

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