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131: Home Prices May Have Bottomed Says New “Investor Sentiment Survey” w/Rick Sharga

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Home prices were supposed to crash…right? Not quite. If you were hoping to snag a steal of a deal on your first home, we’ve got some bad news. But, if you’re a homeowner or investor who was crossing their fingers that their equity would stay stable, things are looking good! As the housing market begins to “adjust” back to normal, investors are asking themselves, “What happens next?

We brought repeat guest and fan-favorite Rick Sharga, founder of CJ Patrick Company and former EVP of Market Intelligence at ATTOM, back on the show to share the findings of his most recent investor survey. Rick and his company have been tracking the sentiment of small retail investors—a dataset we rarely get to hear about—and he has some news to share.

Investors are thinking about the housing market differently than most would assume. With high mortgage rates and financing fatigue, rental property investors and active house flippers have the same thought: things could get better soon. But what could change? Will inventory ever rebound? And what could cause another hot housing market? All that, and more, in this episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

The one investment strategy that has been dramatically declining (and why it may have a comeback)

Home prices and whether or not we’ve bottomed out already

What small retail investors think will happen next in the housing market

The #1 challenge investors are facing today (and when this could improve)

An “inflection point” for real estate and whether competition will heat back up

Fixing the inventory problem and how long it will take to return to “normal” levels

Declining and rising real estate markets that Americans are moving away from/to

And So Much More!

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