Hillary Clinton: Changing Positions At Every Election

By Brandon Turbeville As the tide of public opinion goes, so goes Hillary Clinton’s campaign rhetoric.
Note the term “campaign rhetoric” here since it is not Clinton’s true positions that change, it is only her words that ride the political wind.
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Apple under pressure as lawyers pledge action over ‘Error 53’ codes

By Miles Brignall

Lawyers ponder class action suit against tech giant over ‘reckless policy’ of permanently disabling iPhone 6 handsets after software upgrades

Apple is under pressure to scrap its controversial policy of permanently disabling repaired iPhone 6s when software is upgraded, following a global consumer backlashand claims the company could be acting illegally.

At least one firm of US lawyers has said it hopes to bring a class action against the technology giant on behalf of victims whose £500 phones have been rendered worthless by an Apple software upgrade.

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Offbeat humor and upbeat messages dominate Super Bowl ads – CBS 8 San Diego

CBS 8 San Diego
Eight years after the financial meltdown, financial companies are feeling more comfortable promoting their products and services. Six advertised during the Super Bowl – SunTrust Banks, PayPal, Social Finance Inc., Quicken Loans, Intuit’s general brand …
Super Bowl 2016 ads: The best, worst and weirdest commercialsNJ.com

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London Donor Conference Pledges Aid Only to Keep Syrian Refugees Out of Europe

By Jean Shaoul Much has been made of the $10 billion in aid pledged by world leaders for Syria’s refugees at a donor’s conference held in London last Thursday. United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the conference a “great success,” saying,… …read more

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Emergency politics are the wrong path for today’s Europe

By Brian Milstein

The recent calls in France to see its “state of emergency” extended are totally inompatible with the needs and realities of twenty-first century democracy. Here’s why.

A protester holds a banner reading: ” Stop of state of emergency” during a protest in Paris on 30 Jan 2016. Christophe Ena / AP/Press Association Images. All rights reserved.French Prime Minister Manuel
Valls recently called for France’s state of emergency to remain in place until ISIS
has been eliminated. This is in addition to President
Hollande’s push to amend the French constitution while making some of the
currently expanded police powers permanent. Most controversially, Hollande is
proposing a measure that would allow the government to strip certain
natural-born French citizens of their citizenship should they be convicted of
terrorist-related activities.

The present state of
emergency is due to expire at the end of February; a war to fully eradicate ISIS
is likely to take years.
Since the 13 November attacks in Paris, security forces have conducted thousands
of raids in immigrant communities across France and placed hundreds under
house arrest. Despite government claims to the contrary, there is little
evidence that these additional police powers have made a substantial
difference. Meanwhile, human rights groups have documented massive abuses (see here,
and here),
while thousands
are marching to demand the end of these draconian policies.

That such policies of
exception will erode the democratic life of society is not a risk—it is
inevitable. The idea of a “state of emergency” is predicated on a model of
political militarisation ill-suited to the needs of Western democratic society
in the twenty-first century. Such blanket curtailments of basic rights will
endanger the democratic integration of residents and citizens of Muslim
background at a time when such efforts at integration are as essential as they
are fragile.

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Daily Digest 2/8 – Hyperinflation In Venezuela, Rip-Off By The Federal Reserve

Daily Digest 2/8 - Hyperinflation In Venezuela, Rip-Off By The Federal Reserve

Living Out of a Van Is the New American Dream
Venezuela Orders Bank Notes by Planeloads
Rip-Off By The Federal Reserve
Paul Craig Roberts: There Is No Freedom Without Truth
French police ‘abuse’ Muslims under emergency laws
Above The Fold
Exclusive: Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales – source
Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?

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