Dentists and Skin in the Game

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Only in America

By David F. Ruccio


As Emily Flitter reports,

For Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, there’s something awkward about the Harley-Davidson motorcycles that he has been posing on at presidential campaign stops: each one bears a sticker on its frame that reads “Union made in the USA.”

Walker has made the iconic American brand a centerpiece of his campaign kick-off tour this month, visiting four dealerships and sometimes showing off his own 2003 Harley Road King as he seeks to harness its appeal to older white male voters.

But there is another side to Harley that the Republican candidate has been less vocal about – it is a leading example of a successful company that has a strong relationship with labor unions.

Indeed, as Adam Davidson explained last year, Harley-Davidson’s resurgence has been on the basis of, not (like the rest of U.S. manufacturing) at the expense of, union labor.

But, in another U.S. irony, Harley-Davidson’s success has involved significant sacrifices on the part of its unionized workers:

Harley’s very existence was in question in 2009. Today it is a manufacturing role model, and that has a lot to do with its workers. The average tenure of a line worker at the York plant is 18 years, and these workers are extremely devoted to the company. (“How many factory workers have the company logo tattooed on their arm?” Dettinger asked me.) Magee said there was no question that the workers were earning their relatively higher wages. Costs have fallen by $100 million at the plant and quality has improved even more significantly. Customer demand is extremely high, especially now that people can get a bike within a couple weeks of ordering rather than waiting a year and a half. Harley’s stock price is back near the peak it reached at the top of the bubble in 2006. Craig …read more

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IMF won’t join Greece’s rescue unless creditors agree on debt relief – media – RT

The IMF has repeatedly said European creditors should write-down a massive amount of Greek debt or give Greece a 30-year grace period if they want it to recover and repay. The fund called Greece’s debt unsustainable, warning the €86 billion program …

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Yes, m’lud, an airline losing your luggage is awful – so is raising the issue in court | Rupert Myers

By Rupert Myers

Mr Justice Peter Smith raised the matter of his own lost luggage 33 times in a British Airways competition case. If all judges did this, some companies would never get a fair hearing

Picture the court room. You’re a high court judge sitting on a case worth billions of pounds and you have to step down from hearing the matter because you’ve lost your calm over some misplaced luggage. Not hundreds or thousands of items of misplaced luggage, not diamonds or live tissue for human transplant, but your own luggage, that you and your wife took on a recent city break.

When Mr Justice Peter Smith sat in the high court on a case involving British Airways and demanded to know what had happened to his bags on a recent romantic trip to Florence, he had unusual powers that the rest of us do not possess. Injudiciously, he threatened to use them. Smith even entertained the idea of summoning British Airways’ chief executive to explain the mishap in a competition case heard at vast expense. The judge was finally invited to realise that his remarks left him completely unsuited to hearing the case. We all lose our perspective over our mistreatment by airlines but this incident was one of judicial arrogance and pomposity.

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El pacto militar entre Grecia e Israel

By Manlio Dinucci Cuando Tsipras accedió al poder en Grecia en Israel sonaron voces de alarma: Syriza que apoyaba la causa palestina pedía poner fin a la cooperación militar de Grecia con Israel. Ante la brutal represión israelí contra los palestinos, advertía Tsipras… …read more

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debt relief

Debt got you down? You’re not alone. Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Whether your debt dilemma is the result of an illness, unemployment, … …read more

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