Greece says lenders have moral, political, legal duty to meet obligations

The IMF says it can only do so if it gets more clarity from the euro zone on what kind of debt relief it will offer the country when the bailout – worth up to … …read more

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Syria War: U.S. Dooms ISIS Fighters Leaving Raqqa to Death

By Sophie Mangal

On May 26, the US-backed and formed of Kurdish and Arab units Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they are ready to guarantee safety for ISIS terrorists if they leave Raqqa within the next few days, ARA News reported.…

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Will the feline Macron succeed?

By Francis Ghilès


“Enthusiasm for his victory is drawing investment into European
equities. And French private sector employment has just reached a post-crisis
high, giving a boost to wages.”

Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT, France’s biggest union. Wikicommons/ Info-Com CFDT. Some rights reserved.“He’s a cat – you throw him through the window and he manages to fall on
his feet.” This is how Alain Minc, an
old acquaintance describes the most rapid coming of age in modern French
politics. Emmanuel Macron is the youngest president of France in over 150 years.
The recent French presidential election was historic because, for the first
time since the creation of the Fifth Republic, France’s third longest lasting
regime after the monarchy and the Third Republic, the two coalitions which have
ruled France since 1958 were in disarray. Divided on the European Union of
which France was a founding member, neither the Socialist nor the Républicain
party inspired much confidence among the voters.

Was the election a case of man meeting destiny or a particular set of
circumstances allowing one exceptional figure to emerge? That Nicolas Sarkozy,
Alain Juppé, François Fillon, François Hollande and Manuel Valls all fell on their
sword offered an irresistible opening which, to a degree, was impossible to
foresee. When he launched his movement En Marche less than 18 months ago,
resigned from the government the following summer and announced he would stand
as candidate for the French presidency, Emmanuel Macron was derided by the vast
majority of commentators and heavyweight politicians. His election vindicates
the judgement of French observers who were convinced their fellow countrymen
would avoid following in the populist footsteps of British and American voters.

They were reassured on the night Macron debated his extreme right wing
opponent Marine Le Pen on French television in the run off to the second round.
The 39-year old …read more

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Saturnino (Nino) Fanlo Joins Human Longevity, Inc. As Chief Financial Officer – (press release)

Saturnino (Nino) Fanlo Joins Human Longevity, Inc. As Chief Financial Officer (press release)
Fanlo joins HLI from Social Finance, Inc. (Sofi), the largest and fastest growing online lender, where he served as President and Chief Financial Officer. Fanlo was a key leader at Sofi who worked hand in hand with the CEO and founder to design and …

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Germany’s Real Sin

By By Paul Krugman It’s the macroeconomics, stupid. …read more

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Daily Digest 5/27 – Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin, Food Stamps And Health

Daily Digest 5/27 - Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin, Food Stamps And Health

Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease in the US have risen by 55%, says CDC
The Beleaguered Tenants of ‘Kushnerville’
Selected Articles: A Corrupted View of Reality in the Western Media
How a remote California tribe set out to save its river and stop a suicide epidemic
The Messy Relationship Between Food Stamps and Health
Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin
Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis
Trump Delays Decision on Paris Climate Accords

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