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Hey Break fans! Check out our latest compilation – Crazy People in Public!

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Posted: 23 March 2017

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The Behavior of Stock Market Manias: When the Widget Maker Becomes a Hedge Fund – ValueWalk

The Behavior of Stock Market Manias: When the Widget Maker Becomes a Hedge Fund
Doling out millions of stock options to yourself and your friends might not have shown up in that year’s income statement, but it did show up in the shareholder’s equity statement in the form of increasing the overall amount of shares outstanding …

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Advancing TB Prevention, Detection and Treatment in the Philippines

Opportunity ID: 292100 Opportunity Number: RFI-492-17-OH-001 Opportunity Title: Advancing TB Prevention, Detection and Treatment in the PhilippinesOpportunity Category: DiscretionaryOpportunity Category Explanation: Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative AgreementCategory of Funding Activity: HealthCategory Explanation: CFDA Number(s): 98.001Eligible Applicants: Others (see text field entitled “Additional Information on Eligibility” for clarification)Additional Information on Eligibility: Eligibility restricted to local organizations as defined in USAID ADS 303.3.6.5.b(2)Agency Code: USAID-PHIAgency Name: Agency for International Development
Philippines USAID-ManilaPosted Date: Feb 28, 2017Last Updated Date: Feb 28, 2017Estimated Synopsis Post Date: Fiscal Year: 2017Award Ceiling: Award Floor: Estimated Total Program Funding: $25,000,000Expected Number of Awards: 1Description: USAID/Philippines posts this Request for Information (RFI) to inform interested parties of an upcoming tuberculosis (TB) project that is being designed to help the Philippines eliminate TB.This RFI also seeks statements from capable local organizations (i.e., nongovernmental organizations, universities, consortiums, for-profits willing to forego their fee) who have existing or past infectious disease, particularly TB, projects/programs and are interested to partner with USAID in achieving the goals of this future 5-year TB project, estimated at $25million. It is anticipated that subject to availability of funds, a Cooperative Agreement will be awarded through a competition limited to Philippine organizations.Issuance of this RFI does not constitute a solicitation. It does not represent an award commitment on the part of USAID/Philippines, not does it obligate USAID/Philippines to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of any comments. Information received in response to this RFI shall become the property of USAID and shall become proprietary. Therefore, information that cannot be shared should not be sent.Information on the proposed TB Project, as well as submission requirements for interested organizations, is available at the USAID/Philippines website through the link provided below. Interested parties who are unable to retrieve the RFI from site can request a copy of the complete RFI by writing to with “RFI-492-17-OH-001” as subject line.Version: Forecast 3Modification Comments: This modification corrects …read more

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The Next Generation Of Workers Seeks Good Jobs And Private Offices

By Roger Trapp, Contributor Organizations are so busy worrying about managing Millennials that they are in danger of ignoring a new, very different, generation of employees. Meet Gen Z. …read more

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Anushka Sharma Aims To Woo Fans As A Friendly Ghost In ‘Phillauri’

By Don Groves, Contributor Anushka Sharma looks to continue her winning streak in ‘Phillauri,’ co-starring Diljit Dosanjh. …read more

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Urban spies

How much data do you give away during your average day in the city? …read more

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